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At Wrexham Remaps we guarantee that we can make your Golf perform better than standard, as well as tow better and even use less fuel (if you can stop yourself from using the extra performance) with our premium quality custom written VW Golf remapping for your specific car, or we'll give you all of your money back!

Our remapping technicians have many years of experience, as they've been carrying out VW Golf remapping since 2009, which has earned us an enviable reputation in the business for high quality remaps as well as award winning customer service.

So you can rest assured that both you & your Volkswagen Golf are in safe hands when you choose Wrexham Remaps. And as it's more than likely your pride and joy, you don't want just anyone working on it, that's why we've got trained remap technicians as well as qualified mechanics too.

If you'd like to know exactly what improvements we can make to the way that your VW Golf performs, whether it's a petrol or a diesel, you should click the 'Get Golf Remap Details' button and we'll send you a quote & performance figures.

Custom Golf Remapping For Your Specific Vehicle

If you want to give your VW Golf better throttle response, more power/torque and smoother power delivery than a standard vehicle. then you really need to speak to us at Remapping Wrexham.

We can produce a customised and optimized Golf remap for your specific car, and to meet your individual needs. Here’s some more information...

Wrexham Remaps only provide premium quality remaps delivered with excellent customer service, which in our opinion makes us 'the best in the business!' and here's why....

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Written Mechanical & Electrical Warranty
  • Custom Golf Re Maps To Suit YOU
  • Lifetime Software Warranty

We know the improvement our Golf remaps makes to the way your Golf drives & performs. We are so confident, we GUARANTEE IT or you can have ALL OF YOUR MONEY BACK within 30 days of having your vehicle remapped.

Popular Golf Remap Example

The owner of a Volkwagen Golf GTi ideally wanted the edition 30, but came across a lovely example of a standard GTi, which he knew he could safely improve the performance with a remap. After discussing his requirements, this was the Golf Remapping he chose -

Vehicle:  WV Golf 2.0 GTi TFSi

Std Power: 200 BHP

Std: Torque: 280 Nm

Remap Selected: Performance

Optimised Power: 250 BHP - 25% increase

Optimised Torque: 350 Nm - 25% increase

Other Benefits: Easier/safer overtaking, less turbo lag, more responsive to drive, lower CO2

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Will It Damage The Engine?
We don’t increase the performance of your Golf beyond what the engine is capable of handling. All of our Golf remaps come with a written warranty to assure you of our confidence in their reliability.

Can The Car Dealer Tell Its Been Mapped?
Because Wrexham Remapping only write custom maps, which are made using the original map from your car, it is virtually undetectable by the dealer if you take it to a main dealer for service or warranty work.

How Long Does A Remap Take?
Most Golf remaps at Remapping Wrexham take around 1 to 2 hours from start to finish (although some can take up 5 hours). This includes our pre-map checks and testing after the map has been loaded.

What Guarantees Do We Give?
An Golf remap from WrexhamRemaps come with a 30 day full money back guarantee, and a written warranty too. This covers the mapping software and any damage caused in the unlikely event of a mechanical/electrical problem directly proved to be due to our remap.

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